Connecting people through hobbies and interests.


Hobspot is a social media app that allows users to find and interact with other users that share the same hobbies and interests.


The team behind Hobspot came up with the ingenious idea for a social media app to connect people with mutual interests through their own personal experiences. After being introduced through friends and discovering their shared love for various sports, they became great friends. Looking back, they realised that their shared hobbies and interests had made their friendship stronger, which is the ultimate purpose of Hobspot. 

Rather than leaving the connections that make our lives so meaningful to chance, this is an app that exists to purposefully bring together new friends with shared passions. Just like the founders of Hobspot, our vision is to help people to make meaningful connections based on what truly inspires them and brings joy to their life. The team behind Hobspot truly believes that we are a small part in the solution to creating a happier, healthier and more connected world.