Community Guidelines

Hobspot is and 18+ social media app designed to enhance people’s lives through social connections. We envision a future of people that are openly socializing through our app whilst maintaining a respectful code of conduct. We would like to remind our users that we require respectful behaviour whilst interacting in Hobspot.

1. Safety

The safety of our users is extremely important to Hobspot. We encourage users to take safety precautions whilst meeting with a user for the first time in person. Please go to our Safety Centre for tips on how to ensure your staying safe whilst using Hobspot.

2. Respect

We expect users to be respectable while using the app. We will not tolerate bullying, harassment, violence, theft, vandalism, graphic contents, hate speeches and other offensive behaviour. Users with this type of behaviours will be removed from the application until further notice.

3. Legitimacy

Hobspot users must be authentic and use their real profiles in the app. We will not tolerate impersonations. Violators will be investigated and may be raised to law enforcement officials. Hobspot will not be hesitant to remove user-generated content, disable accounts and work with law enforcement officials in order to provide safety to our community. If you violate these guidelines, we will either remove the insulting content or cease your account.

Hobspot 10 Commandments:

• Do not use Hobspot if you are not 18 years of age or older
• Take safety precautions whilst interacting on Hobspot
• Block and report users that are being offensive
• Do not distribute sexually explicit content
• Never threaten or harm a person or group of people
• Do not bully or harass any users
• If someone blocks you, do not try and contact them using another account
• Do not create any fake profiles. Please use your real profile on Hobspot
• If you want to spread negativity, please don’t do it on Hobspot
• Finally, be respectful and friendly whilst using Hobspot. Lets give more purpose to Social Media

We are very serious and passionate about our Hobspot community. With your help, we will continue to work very hard to make sure Hobspot’s community is a positive one