Safety Centre

If you feel that your life is in danger while using any social media platform, please call 000 immediately. Please visit for information on tips to staying safe online.

Users on Hobspot should take the right precautions when interacting with someone within the app as well as when meeting someone outside of the app.

Your safety is very important to us so please make sure you:

• Get to know a user before meeting them outside of Hobspot and always meet users in a public setting and
not in your home or place of work
• Take caution when giving personal information such as your phone number, email or residential address
• Please notify a reliable person if you are meeting a user outside of Hobspot
• Be respectful at all times and avoid confrontations within or outside of Hobspot
• Block and report users if they are harassing or bullying you
• Report a user to us if they have been abusive within our outside of Hobspot
• Keep your password secure and do not reveal it to anyone. Try and use a different password when signing up with Hobspot

Please make sure you read our Community Guidelines to ensure your experience with Hobspot is a positive one.